Sep. 9th, 2008

Just Say No

Sep. 9th, 2008 10:27 am
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Forwarded by my mom, the blog with the collected responses is at

> Friends, compatriots, fellow-lamenters,
> We are writing to you because of the fury and dread we have felt since the
> announcement of Sarah Palin as the Vice-Presidential candidate for the
> Republican Party. We believe that this terrible decision has surpassed
> mere partisanship, and that it is a dangerous farce—on the part of a
> pandering and rudderless Presidential candidate—that has a real
> possibility of becoming fact.
> Perhaps like us, as American women, you share the fear of what Ms. Palin
> and her professed beliefs and proven record could lead to for ourselves
> and for our present or future daughters. To date, she is against sex
> education, birth control, the pro-choice platform, environmental
> protection, alternative energy development, freedom of speech (as mayor
> she wanted to ban books and attempted to fire the librarian who stood
> against her), gun control, the separation of church and state, and polar
> bears. To say nothing of her complete lack of real preparation to become
> the second-most-powerful person on the planet.
> We want to clarify that we are not against Sarah Palin as a woman, a
> mother, or, for that matter, a parent of a pregnant teenager, but solely
> as a rash, incompetent, and all together devastating choice for Vice
> President. Ms. Palin's political views are in every way a slap in the face
> to the accomplishments that our mothers and grandmothers and
> great-grandmothers so fiercely fought for, and that we've so demonstrably
> benefited from.
> First and foremost, Ms. Palin does not represent us. She does not
> demonstrate or uphold our interests as American women. It is presumed that
> the inclusion of a woman on the Republican ticket could win over women
> voters. We want to disagree, publicly.
> Therefore, we invite you to reply here <>
> with a short, succinct message about why you, as a woman living in this
> country, do not support this candidate as second-in-command for our
> nation.
> Please include your name (last initial is fine), age, and place of
> residence.
> We will post your responses on a blog called "Women Against Sarah Palin,"
> which we intend to publicize as widely as possible. Please send us your
> reply at your earliest convenience—the greater the volume of responses we
> receive, the stronger our message will be.
> Thank you for your time and action.
> Sincerely,
> Quinn Latimer and Lyra Kilston
> New York, NY
> <>
> **PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! If you send this to 20 women in the next hour,
> you could be blessed with a country that takes your concerns seriously.
> Stranger things have happened.


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